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Report: Bryan Singer to helm new X-Men feature, production will begin in 2017

Director Bryan Singer once said that the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse closed the door on one aspect of the X-Men franchise, but opened another one.

According to a new report in the Journal de Montreal, it appears that new door may be swinging open sooner than previously thought, with production on the newest X-Men film to start production in early 2017.

This will reportedly be the third X-Men film shot in Montreal, after Days of Future Past in 2013 and Apocalypse, which finished filming earlier this year.

Michel Trudel, head of Mel's Studios, said it was a "miracle" they were able to secure one of Fox's largest franchises the first time around, let alone a second and third.

He added that after speaking to Fox executives, it was clear that the studio wanted to return to Montreal for the upcoming film. Trudel said it was in large part due to the studio's previous shooting experiences in the city that went incredibly smoothly.

Although there are no details on who will be returning to the new film at this time, with Apocalypse marking the end of one trilogy, there's a possibility that stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman won't be a part of the new installment.

The report did mention, however, that Singer would  apparently be back to helm the new feature.

For now, the studio is finishing up post-production on Apocalypse, which is scheduled to hit theaters on May 27, 2016.

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