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The director of X-Men: The Last Stand is making a Tetris origins movie

Let's just get the pun out of the way: A movie about the creator of Tetris is sure to be a real blockbuster.

Alexey Pajitnov, the Russian designer and computer engineer who developed Tetris in 1984 while living in the USSR, will finally be the subject of a feature-length biopic similar to David Fincher's take on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's story in The Social Networkaccording to Tracking Board.

The film will also dig into the controversy surrounding the game, including the trial surrounding who owned the publishing rights. Nintendo eventually won the rights to the game, and in doing so, sold Tetris with every single Game Boy console in the United States.

Despite the unprecedented success of the game, Pajitnov (who moved to America in 1991) didn't see a cent of the profits until 1996.

The film is set to be produced by X-Men: The Last Stand and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner, with no word on who will be tapped to helm the feature.

Right now, Ratner and his co-producer James Packer are looking for a screenwriter to adapt the Tetris story.

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