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'Lovely and horrible' Push Me Pull You brings players uncomfortably close on PS4 in 2016

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Push Me Pull You looks to be rather, in a word, "bizarre." Announced on PlayStation Blog for a console release on PlayStation 4 sometime next year, the competitive multiplayer affair has you playing as one of two heads sharing a body, wrestling around to keep contact with a ball.

As seen in the trailer up at the top, the game, developed by Australian indie team House House, aims to keep its two-to-four players within close reach of each other, too. You can play with between one and four controllers; going for just one DualShock requires each of the players to commandeer one half to control the two-headed creature.

In its PS4 release, Push Me Pull You will offer character creation so that you may design your Cronenbergian body to your liking. There are also additional modes to the core gameplay experience, like Knockout.

We took a look at the game last year in its alpha version, remarking upon its similarities to such distinctly odd titles as Noby Noby Boy and the TV show CatDog. Check out the video below for a better look at the charmingly strange title ahead of next year's launch.

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