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Fallout 4's 1-888-4-VAULT-TEC is a real number — here's what happens when you call it

We sat on 'hold' so you don't have to

During the opening sequence of Fallout 4, after you finish up character creation, you might have noticed a Vault-Tec poster in your house.

What's notable about the technology corporation's in-home advertising might not immediately strike you. There's a phone number listed on that poster, and while it is longer than your standard set of digits, it really works.

We called 1-888-4-VAULT-TEC to see what would happen. Check out the audio file below to hear the one-sided conversation.

The number first made its debut years ago in the E3 2008 trailer for Fallout 3. It was functional back then, too, but it's cool to see that seven years later, Bethesda has kept the little Easter egg in tact. The publisher even first hinted at its continued existence by including it at the bottom of the official Fallout 4 website, which opened in June.

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