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Testing out Cho'Gall: Heroes of the Storm's strange new two-player character

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Earlier this week, Blizzard launched Cho'Gall, the latest playable character for the multiplayer online battle arena Heroes of the Storm. This character is an oddity, both in the sense that he's actually controlled by two players at once — one in charge of each head — and in that he's not purchased with in-game gold or real money like other Heroes of the Storm characters. Rather, Cho'Gall has to be unlocked by winning games as a partner to someone else who already own him.

Since we knew we'd need buddies for this, we called in one of the leading esports experts at SB Nation, Polygon's sports-focused sister site. In the video above, I'm joined by James Dator, a Dota 2 lover who just so happens to also enjoy Heroes of the Storm. We jump into a few games as Cho'Gall and proceed to get absolutely stomped — but not before having some fun and learning a few lessons about how the big guy plays.

Let us know if you want to see more collaborations between SB Nation and Polygon, and if you'd like to see more Heroes of the Storm coverage in particular. If you're looking for more info on Heroes of the Storm, you can read our provisional review from the game's launch out of beta this summer.

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