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Watch the opening sequence to Jessica Jones before the show comes out tomorrow

After what feels like an eternity of waiting, Jessica Jones is almost here.

The team at Netflix knows that fans have been anticipating the show for months, and to help tide them over until the show drops, they've released the entire opening sequence.

It starts off with a smooth, jazzy arrangement — think somewhere in-between elevator music and the score to a '70s spy movie — before slowly building up and breaking into what could be the opening to a melodramatic rock opera. Despite the overall corniness of the track, it seems to work pretty well against the backdrop of gritty art.

And the artwork really is quite something. The characters wisp around the screen in shades of purple and blue coloring, with just enough attention to detail to make out who's on screen at all times. It feels like a motion comic book, too, with panels sliding in and out of frame constantly.

This may not be the Jessica Jones fix you needed, but it's a nice little taste of what's to come. The show will be available to stream in its entirety at midnight PT. If you're itching for more information, get caught up with our explainer video below and check out our thoughts on the first episode here.

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