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Want an Xbox One? Best Buy giving free game, $50 gift card with purchase (correction)

Start your game collection off right

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Correction: The fine print on the page states that to get the free game and the gift card, you need to wait until the promotions overlap. "Free gift card offer valid 11/01/15–11/07/15," the fine-print reads. "Free game offer valid 11/06/15–11/08/15." Grab the bundle on Nov. 7 to get both deals.

The deals on consoles are only going to get better as the season heats up, but Best Buy just started a pretty good bundle if you're interested in a new Xbox One.

best buy ad

This is how it works: You pick any new Xbox One package, pick out any new game under $59.99, and then also get a $50 Best Buy Gift Card with your purchase. You can also save 40 percent on a three-month Xbox Live Card with your bundle.

That $50 card will get you most of the way to another game, or it could fund your Xbox Live subscription or whatever you'd like to use it for. This is a pretty easy way to grab a system and start your game collection off to a solid start.

The suggested bundle in the ad would give you:

All for $399.99, which is kind of bonkers. Let us know if you take advantage of this deal, and what games you decide to pick up!

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