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First-person superhero adventure Megaton Rainfall coming to PS4 and PS VR

If you've ever dreamed of seeing the world through Superman's eyes, you'll soon get the chance as Sony recently announced first-person superhero adventure Megaton Rainfall is headed to PS4 and PS VR next year.

Inspired by Richard Donner's Superman I and II, Spanish indie Alfonso del Cerro's Pentadimensional Games will transform players into an invincible super being tasked with defending the Earth from an alien invasion. The entire planet is the battlefield as players will be able to fly at supersonic speeds between procedurally-generated cities to fend off the extraterrestrial menace. Though the avatar is indestructible, the cities aren't, so the player has to limit damage and loss of life from alien attacks (or their own devastating powers).

Though the only current release window is 2016, there's a teaser trailer below to tide you over.

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