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Westworld actor on excessive nudity reports: 'There's nothing out of context'

Despite the excessive nudity rumors surrounding Westworld, one of the show's main actors says the series is more than just shock.

Talking to Collider about the upcoming HBO show, Rodrigo Santoro (who plays Harlan Bell) said the show had more depth than simply showing nudity just for the sake of showing nudity.

"It's part of the whole context of the series," Santoro said. "There's nothing out of context."

In September, HBO came under scrutiny after a casting call sheet for the show asking for "genital to genital" touching was leaked.

SAG responded to the casting call, initially calling out the network for refusing to hear their concerns for the actors involved. When HBO did respond to the allegations, affirming they had nothing to do with the casting call, but would look into rectifying the situation, SAG responded that they were pleased the network was looking into it, but was disappointed at how long it took for them to respond.

Still, HBO didn't clarify whether or not the nude scenes would be removed from the show entirely. Now, it looks like some of those scenes will still definitely be included, according to Santoro's quote.

Based on Michael Crichton's (Jurassic Park) 1973 science-fiction western, Westworld is about a group of malfunctioning amusement park robots that start attacking and killing visitors.

The series is being helmed by Jonathan Nolan and stars actors like Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden and Thandie Newton.

Westworld is set to premiere in 2016.