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Konami is bringing back Contra — in China, at least

Konami is developing a new Contra game, according to Japanese games publication Famitsu.

The latest Contra, the series' first new installment since 2011's Hard Corps: Uprising for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, is a collaboration between the Japanese studio and Chinese mobile developer Tencent. Famitsu reports that the game will be exclusive to iOS and Android devices.

Not only will the next Contra be a mobile title, but it also will be made primarily for Chinese audiences. Additionally, the side-scrolling shooter will feature microtransactions.

A Chinese-only Contra is not unprecedented. Konami released Contra: Evolution exclusively for that market in 2013. Evolution was similarly available for mobile devices.

Most recently, Konami teased Contra fans with a Chewbacca-starring homage to the series as a mini-game in Star Wars: The Force Collection. That game, a collaboration with LucasArts, is available as a free download for both Android and iOS devices.

Konami did not specify pricing for the game's downloadable content or for the game itself, nor has it yet confirmed a release date for the Chinese Contra sequel.

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