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Greatest American Hero being rebooted at Fox, believe it or not

The Greatest American Hero, the story of a bumbling teacher gifted with a super suit he lost the instruction booklet for, is being rebooted by Fox, Deadline reports. The team resuscitating the property includes 21 Jump Street big screen revampers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Dope writer-director Rick Famuyiwa and director Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of original series creator Steven J. Cannell.

The 80s original blended comedy and action as Ralph Hinkley struggled to learn how to control a super-powered suit given to him by aliens, and was aided in his adventures by partner FBI Special Agent Bill Maxwell (played by Robert Culp). If none of this is ringing a bell, perhaps you'll remember its stellar theme song.

It's a great tune, but we're awful partial to this cover.