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Syfy announces female-led Van Helsing series

Syfy is bringing one of fantasy's most beloved characters to the small screen, but with a bit of a twist.

The network announced today that it would be adapting Bram Stoker's classic novel from 1897, Dracula, focusing on the vampire's most challenging foe, Professor Van Helsing, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Except in this adaptation, Van Helsing will be Vanessa Helsing, a lady huntress who's resurrected five years after the events of Dracula and discovers the world has been overtaken by vampires.

Although there's no one attached to the lead role right now, the show will reportedly be helmed by Neil LaBute, who's made a name for himself within the independent film scene over the past few decades and who most will recognize as the writer and director of The Wicker Man.

LaBute said in a statement to the trade publication that he was excited to take on a project that will take "traditional vampire tropes" and move them into "bold and unexpected territories."

The addition of Van Helsing to Syfy's new programming lineup coincides with other programming changes, including the cancellation of Dominion, Haven and Defiance, the video-game/TV series crossover.

The network will start development on its newest vampire show in January. There's currently no premiere date attached to the project.