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Xenoblade Chronicles X: Three hours with the Wii U's most beautiful game

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The Wii U may traditionally be thought of as underpowered hardware compared to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but you wouldn't know it when looking at Xenoblade Chronicles X. This upcoming role-playing game from Nintendo and Monolith Soft is massive in scope and utterly gorgeous.

It's also an incredibly deep and complex game, as you can see in the video above. We've been playing through Xenoblade Chronicles X for our upcoming review, and we captured the first three hours of our playthrough. You can check out the intro to the story, character creation, early game combat and a whole lot of menu navigation and NPC dialogue as we explore the city of New Los Angeles.

Watch it for yourself above, and stay tuned for a full review of Xenoblade Chronicles X closer to its launch on Dec. 4.

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