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Here's what Wonder Woman would have looked like in the original Justice League movie

Before Zack Snyder was hired by Warner Bros. to bring the Justice League to the big screen, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was going to.

The director had it all planned out, including casting actors for the various superhero roles, but at the last minute, the studio had a change of heart and canceled the entire production.

Now thanks to photographer Mark Rogers, we can see what Wonder Woman, played by Megan Gale, would have looked like.

Wonder Woman Mark Rogers Photography

In comparison to Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, who will make her first appearance in Snyder's upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gale's Wonder Woman more closely resembles the original comic book character. Her upper body armor is more mahogany than red, but her skirt is a lighter blue and slightly more ruffled. Both versions of Wonder Woman can be seen sporting the infamous headpiece, but Gale's is much closer to a traditional tiara than Gadot's.

Although we'll never get to see Miller's take on the Justice League, we do have many details surrounding the project.

Miller was approached to tackle it in 2007, following the dismal reception of Superman Returns in 2006. At the same time, Christopher Nolan was hard at work on his sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.

The studio spent quite a bit of time on the Justice League project, casting almost every single superhero on the team. Big names like Armie Hammer, Adam Brody and Common were set to play Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern, but there were 12 actors cast for major roles in total.

There's still no given reason as to why the Justice League project was scrapped, but the studio is trying to get it off the ground again. Justice League Part 1 is scheduled to be released Nov. 17, 2017, but fans will be able to see Gal Gadot in her own Wonder Woman movie prior to that on June 23, 2017.

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