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Heroes of the Storm has a massive, two-week-long Black Friday sale

If you've been holding off on purchasing new characters or skins in Heroes of the Storm, you're going to want to hold on just a little longer — until next Tuesday, to be exact.

Blizzard has today announced details of its huge Black Friday Sale for Heroes of the Storm. Despite the "Black Friday" moniker, the sale will actually be taking place across two weeks — from Nov. 24 to Dec. 8. During that time, every hero, mount and skin in the game will be on sale for a 50 percent discount. This deal will be offered to players across all regions.

Blizzard confirmed to Polygon that the 50 percent discount only applies to real money purchases for heroes. Pricing on in-game gold will not be lowered.

It's not all just sales, though; Blizzard is also introducing a few additions to Heroes of the Storm's store. Most notably, the developer is adding a 360-day stimpack option. Stimpacks offer players significantly boosted experience point and gold gain for a set period of time. Previously, they've been sold in seven- and 30-day options, for $3.99 and $9.99 respectively.

Blizzard has not yet announced pricing for the 360-day stimpack, but it says the new item "will be added at a deeply discounted price" during the Black Friday sale period.

The developer also has a new "Second Chance" bundle that will include the following items:

  • Winter Veil Jaina Skin
  • Greatfather Winter Rehgar Skin
  • Reigndeer Mount
  • Nazeebra Mount
  • Lunar Tiger Mount
  • Magic Carpet Mount

For more on Heroes of the Storm, check out our test run of the game's new two-player character, Cho'Gall, in the video below. Sadly, he won't be available for purchase during the Black Friday sale, but that's because you can't buy him; Cho'Gall is unlocked by playing with other characters who already own him. Get all the details here.

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