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Bloodborne update 1.07 rolls out today, preps the game for The Old Hunters DLC

A few secrets have already been unearthed

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From Software and Sony released a patch for Bloodborne today, bringing the game to version 1.07 and prepping players for the impending release of the game's downloadable content, The Old Hunters. Even if Bloodborne players pass on the new DLC, they'll see some changes in the base version of the game — but they won't get access to that sweet new mini-gun.

As previously announced, today's update to Bloodborne adds The League, a new covenant-like group that rewards players for helping each other in co-op multiplayer sessions. Today, Sony reveals that access to The League is granted by visiting a new NPC, Valtr, in the Forbidden Woods. He'll give players a new Impurity rune and has a few new items of his own.

The company also revealed how players will access The Old Hunters DLC:

  1. Players must first defeat Vicar Amelia in the Cathedral Ward and examine the altar behind her
  2. Return to the Hunter's Dream hub and acquire the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter item from a messenger
  3. Travel to Oedon Chapel in the Cathedral Ward, exit the left door and allow themselves to be grabbed by the Lesser Amygdala just outside (normally, this induces frenzy or kills the player, but is now a means of travel)
  4. Players will then be transported to the Hunter's Nightmare, The Old Hunters' starting area

That's not all the patch adds. Players have already discovered at least one new Hunter tool: Madara's Whistle, an item that summons forth a giant snake head from the ground to attack enemies.

Here's a quick rundown of other new additions in Bloodborne version 1.07.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters will be released for PlayStation 4 on Nov. 24. The add-on costs $19.99.

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