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Rifftrax takes on The Wizard, the classic 100-minute Nintendo ad (correction)

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The Mystery Science Theater 3000 alums behind Rifftrax, the movie-mocking modern take on the cult '90s series, released a new commentary today on an old guilty pleasure: The Wizard.

The Wizard, for the unitiated, is the 1989 family-friendly Nintendo Entertainment System and Power Glove advertisement masquerading as a feature film. Starring Fred Savage (The Wonder Years), the film ostensibly is about a preternaturally gifted gamer who proves his skill over a competitive game of Super Mario Bros. 3.

It's remembered by gamers as the movie that premiered that classic Mario title to U.S. audiences, as well as for its shameless Nintendo promotion. That background is ripe for mocking, which the Rifftrax team surely does during its takedown of the film.

You can download the Rifftrax for $9.99. It includes The Wizard, so you won't have to look for your old copy of the film, tucked in somewhere between your Zapper and ROB.

Correction: The Rifftrax download includes both the commentary and the film.

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