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100 super mutants! 10,000 ghouls! Who's left standing in Fallout 4's biggest battle so far?

It takes a tough ghoul to make a tender super mutant.

No one knows who will win when 10,000 glowing ones take on 100 super mutants in the wastes of Fallout 4, but I know who the loser is: the framerate!

A week after an insane throwdown pitting every legendary foe in the game in an all-out battle royale, YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian is back to study how powerful super mutants are when faced with an overwhelming horde of the highest-powered ghouls in Fallout 4. Better yet, Contrarian mistakenly made all of the glowing ghouls legendary class.

This is the largest of the eight battles he's staged so far, the six others being:

I reached out to Contrarian for a final box score, as the action can be tough to follow over the 10 minutes in this video. At the end, seven Super Mutants survive after all the Glowing Ones were eradicated.

"The average grenade they [the Super Mutants] throw kills between 20 to 50 ghouls," Contrarian noted. "All each super mutant really has to do is throw 2-4 grenades before dying which most of them do and when that happens the ghouls bodies go flying all over the place and it looks really cool.

Not sure what to make of this, except that the horde effect of super mutants is more powerful than that of ghouls. On their own, I have no trouble — though I'm at level 22. In the early stages to early teen levels, a mob of ghouls can give you plenty of trouble.

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