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Dead or not dead? The Walking Dead finally answers the question

The fate of that Walking Dead character was finally confirmed during Sunday night's episode.

Here's your spoiler warning, fans.

After weeks of questioning from fans and blatant teasing in return from showrunner Scott Gimple, audiences finally learned that Glenn was, in fact, alive.

People were livid when it appeared that Glenn, played by Steven Yeun, was killed by a hoard of frenzied zombies after falling into a pile of them back in October. But it was revealed in this episode that Glenn managed to slide under a dumpster for cover and patiently waited it out until the zombies got bored and moved on.

Throughout the month, Gimple has responded to questions about Glenn's fate surreptitiously, removing the actor's name from the opening credits and refusing to answer the question head on in interviews.

Rumors started up almost directly after the episode, however, that Glenn wasn't dead and seemed to be reinforced by reports from various outlets that Yeun was still hanging around on set and filming scenes.

While Glenn is alive for now, longtime readers of the Robert Kirkman-penned comic know that Glenn's story does come to an end eventually. Whether Gimple plans to follow that in the show, which has already deviated from Kirkman's series, is uncertain at this time.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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