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PlayStation TV on sale for just $20 at Best Buy

A price cut in advance of Black Friday

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The PlayStation TV, Sony's PlayStation Vita-playing, PlayStation 4-streaming set-top device, is on sale at Best Buy for a great deal just ahead of Black Friday. The retailer has marked down the box from its usual $79.99 price point to a new low of $19.99, including free shipping.

That means for just a little over $20 (thanks, taxes) you can play Vita games on the big-screen or play your PS4 games remotely. While it only has 1 GB of internal storage and lacks the required DualShock 3 (or DualShock 4) controller, this is still an excellent entry point into the Vita catalog.

Considering quality Vita titles like Persona 4 Golden are on sale on the PlayStation Store right now for just $9.90, now sure seems like the time to jump on the PSTV.

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