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Hey Arnold! is returning to TV with a brand-new movie

Another fan favorite cartoon will make its triumphant return to Nickelodeon as the network continues its appeal to viewers nostalgic for its glory days.

A new TV movie based on Hey Arnold!, the slice-of-life cartoon whose last episode aired in 2004, is currently in development.

The film will pick up where the series left off, according to Variety, and aim to tie up loose ends regarding the whereabouts of Arnold's missing parents.

No air date has been set yet. Fans will remember — or perhaps, want to forget — that this won't be Arnold's first outing in film; the series made a theatrical debut in 2002 with Hey Arnold!: The Movie, which diverged from the series' storylines to the tune of less-than-stellar reviews and ticket sales.

Nickelodeon currently airs Hey Arnold! as part of its The Splat block on TeenNick, along with several other classic '90s cartoons.

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