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New Destiny program gives you exclusive rewards for introducing friends to the game

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

Destiny's "Refer-a-Friend" program is now live, offering unique quests and exclusive bonuses to existing players and the people that they introduce to the game, developer Bungie announced today.

Refer-a-Friend, which Bungie teased earlier this month, is available only in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Destiny: The Taken King. While Destiny is generally a three-player cooperative game, Refer-a-Friend is designed for two people to team up and play with each other.

The program starts with you inviting someone to Destiny. To be clear, this isn't the act of inviting a person on your console's friends list to join you — it means referring a friend who hasn't yet played the game. Bungie's initiative splits people into two classifications: "Veterans" are people who have already played Destiny: The Taken King, and "Referees" are people who haven't. Once a person buys The Taken King, they'll have Referee status for seven days after the first time they play it.

Veterans can invite people by creating a referral through the Refer-a-Friend tab on Bungie's website; Referees and the Veterans referring them must be on the same console. Once the Referee has received the invitation and followed the link, the two accounts in question will become linked. Shortly afterward, the first Refer-a-Friend quest, "A Tale of Two Guardians," will appear for both players at the Speaker in the Tower. See Bungie's Refer-a-Friend FAQ for more details.

A Veteran and their Referee must be playing in the same fireteam to make progress on Refer-a-Friend quests. The activities offer the following exclusive rewards:

  • three new elemental legendary swords called Infinite Edge
  • a legendary Sparrow, the EV-34 Vector Infinite
  • a pair of two-person emotes, Duo Dance and High Five
  • a blue and gray shader, Infinite Link
  • an emblem called Sign of the Infinite

You can check out the rewards in action in the Refer-a-Friend trailer, which is set to "Just the Two of Us," above. For more on Destiny: The Taken Kingread our review.

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