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Fallout 4 cheats might break your saves, warns Bethesda

Fallout 4 has attracted modders of all kinds who have already altered the game to their liking or hacked into its files to reveal hidden secrets. But while some of these creations are shared throughout the community and are generally harmless additions to the game, other modifications come via console commands, which utilize the game's debugging console to manipulate game elements like NPCs, quests and your inventory.

Fallout 4's host of console commands are currently only functional on the Windows PC version of the game, and Bethesda's vice president of marketing Pete Hines took to Twitter to quash any hopes of them being made available in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Hines not only dismissed porting the ability to perform these cheats on home consoles, but also dissuaded gamers from using them at all.

Of course, some people tweeted in response to debunk Hines' claims, but regardless, Bethesda has publicly acknowledged that it does not support the use of console commands and made Fallout players aware that your save files might suffer if you do use them.

Patches to the game are currently in the works, with the first beta update hitting Steam today. PS4 and Xbox One users can expect their copies of Fallout 4 to be updated, too, in the near future.

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