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These Fallout sneakers would look great on you while frozen in cryogenic stasis

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If you weren't already aware of it, the folks at Think Geek have been running Bethesda's store for some time now. They're doing a great job creating incredibly unique products, and these Fallout 4-themed sneakers are pretty great.

Crafted entirely in blue suede, these $85 kicks proudly represent the Vault your Fallout 4 character called home. On the back, you'll find the infamous Vault-Tec logo. Beware though, this specific coloration has required a bit of a trade-off in quality.

"Warning," reads the product page. "Due to the nature of the suede leather material, color may bleed if wet."

If we're being honest, after all that I've read on the Overseer's personal computer terminal, a little blue dye is the least of my concerns.

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