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Watch Chewbacca and Harrison Ford hug it out on Jimmy Kimmel

After years of fighting, Chewbacca and Harrison Ford finally settled their differences and hugged it out during an emotional moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During last night's special Star Wars-themed episode, Kimmel was forced to confront a depressed Chewbacca who was standing on the edge of the studio's roof. Although Kimmel tries to help out, the human-Wookie language barrier proves to be too much for him, and a passing by Harrison Ford is called upon to help.

It's through his early interactions with Chewie that we learn the latter had an affair with Ford's wife and that's what caused their long-time friendship to end in the first place.

With the help of a motivational speech from Kimmel and Adele's "Hello," however, Ford takes a trip down memory lane and remembers all the good times they had as friends, including playing games of Checkers and getting pedicures done.

The segment ends with an emotional bearhug between the two and a round of applause from the people gathered on the street below.

It looks like they'll be just fine heading into their new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opens on Dec. 18. Watch a trailer for the movie below.