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Multiplayer comes to Plague Inc. on PC offering rival global epidemics

Plague Inc. now has a multiplayer element that allows players to compete with one another in a quest to destroy humanity.

The original Ndemic Creations mobile game, released in 2012, tasks the player with creating a pathogen and an epidemic that spreads throughout the world. In the multiplayer Windows PC version, players must compete for domination, seeking to aggressively spread their own disease or block the spread of a rival's epidemic.

"Players get all new evolutions, abilities and genes to help them in their struggle for dominance as well as slowing their opponent," said creator James Vaughan. "Single player was just the start of the outbreak."

Available strategies include sending flights full of infected humans to other countries, developing ways to break down immune systems and helping humanity develop cures against rival pathogens. Plague Inc. is available on various mobile platforms as well as Windows PC and Xbox One. No plans at present for multiplayer on mobile, although Vaughan says an Xbox version is possible.

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