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What are your favorite games of all time? Here's a fun tool to help you figure it out

In the 40 or so years that video games have existed as consumer products, a lot of them have come out. An awful lot. Most of us reading this have probably played dozens; some have maybe even played hundreds. So how do you dig through all those memories and pick out your favorites of all time?

As it turns out, GameFAQs is hosting a "Best. Game. Ever." showdown that involves pitting classic games against each other and choosing which you like more. Someone out there has created a tool for doing your own personal voting to help you determine your favorite games ever (based on GameFAQs starting list of 128 games).

You'll choose your favorite games in various one-on-one match-ups. After as many as 448 of these "battles," the tool will present you with a numbered list of your favorites based on those choices.

The process can take quite a while, especially as you start to get some very difficult match-ups that are going to require some thought. For example, I had to spend a lot of time mulling over Super Mario Galaxy and Dragon Age: Origins in my head. But if you've got a relaxing post-holiday Friday, this is a great way to kill an hour.

It's also worth noting that there are some issues with GameFAQ's base list. For example, it seems to have a strong preference for Japanese roleplaying games and (oddly enough) visual novels when compared to PC RPGs. The older the game, the less likely to be on the list — even obvious classics like the original The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. are nowhere to be found.

Still, even with those restrictions the list I got was pretty close to my real-life list of favorites! It correctly pegged my top three of Final Fantasy 6Half-Life and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Here's a look at my top 50 or so. Post yours in the comments and, if you've got the time, share some thoughts on your actual favorite game of all time, whether it's in the list or not.

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