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One-Punch Man comes to Fallout 4, beats everything with, well, one punch

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Fallout 4 has many virtues but, for me, one is not melee. The only time I use it is to stomp radroaches, because they aren't worth wasting the ammo. But I'll admit One-Punch Man here could change my tune.

Based on the anime of the same title, YouTuber The Ghost recreated the protagonist (and his punch) in Fallout 4, using a fan-made costume and what we assume to be a whole lotta console commands. You see, One-Punch Man is about a man who has one punch, and with it he can defeat any foe. One shall be the number of punches he shall throw, and the number of the punching shall be one. (Five is right out.)

In the anime, One-Punch Man becomes bored with fights where more than one punch is unnecessary, and wanders the land in search of greater challenges. In Fallout 4, that means godzilla-size Assaultrons, and a big ass Deathclaw, who courteously allows its leg to be punched off — but only once, because that is all it takes.

Other humorous Fallout 4 mods have let you clean house as the Boston Red Sox' David Ortiz. (though he's batting right-handed! What up with that?) For more useful mods, see this one, which reveals all the dialogue choices available in a conversation.

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