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Epic Games announces Paragon, coming to PC in 2016

Paragon is the new game from Unreal Tournament and Fortnite developer Epic Games. It's coming to PC sometime in 2016, according to Epic, though the Cary, North Carolina-based developer isn't saying much beyond that.

Based on the game's website, it will feature a cast of heroes with names like Twinblast, Steel, Sparrow, Dekker and Grux. A teaser for Twinblast, which amounts to little more than a look at his character model, was released on YouTube alongside the announcement. Epic promises to reveal a new hero once a week through Dec. 3.

Paragon's heroes will apparently have special combat abilities based on what players choose to fight for: glory, pride, fortune or infamy. Players interested in signing up for Paragon's beta can do so at the game's official website.

We've reached out to Epic Games for details on Paragon.

Epic Games is currently working on Unreal Tournament and Fortnite, both of which are also bound for PC.

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