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This Walking Dead prologue scene sets up super villain's introduction

One of the most important moments in last night's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead happened after the show ended.

The first commercial break of AMC's new show, Into the Badlands, aired a two minute scene promoting the second half of The Walking Dead. The scene doesn't give too much away, for those not current with everything that's happened this season, consider this an official spoiler warning.

The scene begins with Daryl driving down an empty street with Abraham and Sasha at his side. Nothing seems too out of the ordinary for a post-apocalyptic world until they encounter a group of bikers blocking the road they they need to connect to. It's still unclear who the group of nefarious-looking individuals are, but when they order Daryl and his crew to step out of the car and join them on the side of the road, it gets violent.

"You know, if you want to resist, try something," one of the voices can be heard saying. "It's a choice, I guess. But we will end your asses. Split you right in two, straight through the sinuses."

Once Daryl and company are out of the car, they're told by this unknown crew to give up everything they own. When they're informed that none of the items they once owned belong to them anymore, Sasha asks who they belong to now, and that's when they're told of Negan.

It's the first time the character's name has been introduced on the show, but the character has been teased for a couple of weeks in ongoing news reports.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural) has reportedly signed a deal with AMC to play the character, who won't make an official appearance until the season finale next year.

In the comics, Negan has become known as one of the most vile villains, far surpassing The Governor (who dominated the story arc in the show's third season).

The Walking Dead is officially on winter break, but returns Feb. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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