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Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival adds Patton Oswalt

Plus: Campaign nears next funding goal

Joel Hodsgon, creator of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot and original series host, has already announced several stars who will be joining the project, including new host Jonah Ray and fan favorite Felicia Day. Today, as the Kickstarter campaign approaches its next funding goal, Hodgson named another major cast addition: Patton Oswalt as TV's Son of TV Frank.

Oswalt, known for works like Ratatouille, The King of Queens and Minecraft: Story Mode, will regularly appear in the series, which is currently slated to film three episodes. Once it hits the $3.3 million mark, though, Hodgson writes that the season will expand to a total of six.

Hodgson notes that the project is only $100,000 away from its next goal, and expects the project to cross that line by midnight tonight. Once it does so, new rewards will be added for backers, including names in the show's credits of those who contribute at least $85.

The ultimate goal is $5.5 million, more than twice of the originally stated campaign goal of $2 million. Reaching $5.5 million will allow the team to create a full 12-episode season.

While Oswalt, Day and Ray, along with Hodgson, are noteworthy members of the new series, longtime fans might miss the presence of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbet, original cast members who went on to form RiffTrax.

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