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Fan dedicates original Fallout 4-themed song to Dogmeat

Fallout 4 goes grunge

Dogmeat is one of many companions your character can journey throughout the Fallout 4 wasteland with. The canine's good looks already make him a standout amongst your traveling buddies, but with this song from YouTuber Bonecage (featuring vocals from a Mr. Gee), Dogmeat has another thing to hold over Fallout 4's other side characters.

The song, which you can listen to above, is probably not topping any Billboard charts any time soon, although the current music climate takes part of the blame there. This grunge-tinged jam borrows liberally from the Pearl Jam songbook.

Your mileage may vary, and if you have a pre-existing bias against '90s radio-ready rock, this won't turn you. But at any rate, you can enjoy the accompanying video for gratuitous shots of the lovable Dogmeat.

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