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Fallout 4 vehicles coming to Forza 6, from Ford and... Chryslus? (update: new pictures)

Turn 10 Studios, the makers of the Forza series, announced today a promotional partnership with Bethesda Game Studios that will bring a bit of the Fallout universe into the Forza Motorsport 6 racing simulation on Xbox One.

Today players will be able to download a Fallout 4-themed 1956 Ford F100, painted powder blue and with a giant grinning Vault Boy stenciled right on the side. While the chrome looks to be in good shape, the body is decently worn from a few decades at least moldering in the wasteland.

Also promised "for a limited time" is a Chryslus Rocket 69. Though no images have been released for that model yet, we have seen a few 2077-era vehicles in the Fallout 4 trailer. Here's hoping we're able to put a fusion-powered sports car on the road next to the rest of the Forza fleet soon and see how it performs.

Update: One of our alert commenters found this trailer on YouTube. Here's your first look at the Chryslus Rocket 69.


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