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Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool insults a bunch of kids in X-Men costumes

Three days after Ryan Reynolds tweeted this photo of himself dressed up as Deadpool, surrounded by a bunch of kids in X-Men costumes on Halloween, the actor has posted a follow-up video on YouTube.

In the video, Reynolds (who will play the Merc with a Mouth next year) asks each kid to describe their character's mutant abilities before jokingly criticizing them or banishing them from "the team."

When Reynolds asks a boy dressed as Cyclops what his superpower is, he doesn't even try to tone down his age-inappropriate response when the kid answers that he can shoot lasers out of his eyes.

"That's the stupidest fucking superpower I've ever heard. You're not on the team. Kidding, you're on the team. You're not on the team," Reynolds jokes.

The kids are pretty well-behaved considering they don't know what to make of Reynolds' acting, although another boy dressed as Wolverine admits that he thinks Deadpool "may have been drunk."

Deadpool is scheduled to hit theaters on Feb 12, 2016.

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