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Go grab Fallout 4's official Pip-Boy app for free right now, here it is in action

It may be five more long days until we all get our greedy hands on Fallout 4, but you can start tinkering with a cool little piece of the game today if you have a smartphone.

The official Fallout Pip-Boy app hit Google Play and iTunes this morning, delivering an early look at a pretty cool little gaming tool.

The app is designed to connect to your copy of the game on PlayStation 4, Windows PC or Xbox One, allowing you to check out your stats and status while you're away from the game. (As if that's going to happen.)

There's a whole lot of neat little features packed into the app. You can't use them live yet, but the included demo lets you check out how they'll work once your game is arrived and you're playing away. It includes stats, inventory, a map, radio and even holotape games. The pre-loaded holotape game is playable now.

What the Pip-Boy doesn't include is Apple Watch or Android Wear support ... yet ... hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint. Oh, if you picked up the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition of the game, this is the app you'll be using to turn that massive hunk of plastic the game ships with into a working Pip-Boy.

Check out the video to see the Pip-Boy's demo mode in action.