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Archie Comics characters are undergoing massive changes for CW show

Fans of the wholesome characters found within the pages of Archie Comics may be in for a bit of a shock with these new depictions.

According to a casting sheet obtained by TV Line, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead are about to undergo major changes for the dramatic TV adaptation, Riverdale. From minor alterations to the physical appearance of a character to severe personality changes, the network looks like it's going out of its way to diversify the mainly white, able-bodied crew.

For example, The CW is actively seeking a "hearing-impaired" actor to play an "emo-heartthrob" version of Jughead Jones who will play the former best friend of all-around good guy, Archie Andrews. When Archie reaches out to try and smooth over their friendship, the described broody and angry Jughead refuses to quell their issues.

From the casting report, it looks like Archie will be the most inline with the comic version readers know. He's still fronting his band, The Archies, still chasing as many girls as he can and still "boyishly handsome." He does, however, "harbor a dark secret" that he'll have to come to terms with as the show develops.

Two of the girls he'll be chasing, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, also have their own substantial changes, but none as unforeseen as Betty's newfound struggle with ADHD medication, Adderall. She'll still be Riverdale's sweetheart who's constantly aiming to please, but it'll be against the backdrop of her "affinity" for the drug and her self-esteem issues.

Veronica, meanwhile, will be played by a "Latina" actress, according to the site, who will portray the character as a "silver-tongued" teen trying to find her place in the small town after returning from New York City. Her famously flustered father, Hiram Lodge, will be absent from the series after being sent to prison for a scandalous crime.

There isn't any other information on the secondary cast of characters — including Reggie, Midge, Moose, Dilton, Ethel or any of the teachers — but it looks like the show is going to focus mainly on the core four.

The network is currently working on developing the show's pilot. There's still no information as to when the show is expected to air.

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