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Here's the full-length Warcraft movie trailer from BlizzCon

After briefly teasing the trailer a couple of days ago, Universal Pictures finally released the first full-length trailer for its Warcraft movie at BlizzCon.

In the trailer, audiences are introduced to the two groups the film will focus on: the human and orc races. When the orcs are pushed out of their world, they unite with the rival human army to take on the new foe threatening their very existence. Although the decision causes some tension within each individual army, the trailer makes it painstakingly clear that this is the only option available for the desperate orcs.


Not as action packed as the 15-second teaser Legendary Studios released a couple of days ago, the trailer does a pretty good job of showing off just how large the fantastical world is. Based on the game franchise of the same name from Blizzard Entertainment, there are distinct monuments and architectural landmarks long-time fans will appreciate, including the city of Dalaran.

The studio also released two new character posters to coincide with the release of the new trailer. The first one is of Travis Fimmel's Sir Anduin Lothar, while the second features Toby Kebbell's orc Chieftain, Durotan.

Warcraft poster

Warcraft poster

Starring Ben Foster and directed by Duncan Jones, Warcraft is scheduled to be released on June 10, 2016.