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This is how World of Warcraft's new hero class, the Demon Hunter, will work

World of Warcraft: Legion, the upcoming sixth expansion pack for World of Warcraft, will introduce the massively multiplayer game's second-ever hero class, the demon hunter. Players who choose to jump into this powerful new class will get to play through a unique opening experience, similar to Wrath of the Lich King's death knight hero class.

At a panel during BlizzCon today, Blizzard outlined how this opening experience will play out.

As hinted at in the Legion reveal video, the demon hunter intro will involve Illidan, the legendary demon hunter who was once a major villain in Warcraft lore. In the opening moments, Illidan will take a group of demon hunters, including the player character, and pull them through a portal to a demon-infested planet.

That planet, known as Mardum, turns out to be a demon prison planet. It also happens to be home to the Sargeri Keystone, a powerful artifact that Illidan and his demon hunter group will be trying to track down. Players will push through Mardum inch by inch, using Legion weapons against the demons, stealing their powers and unlocking new abilities one by one as they go.

New demon hunters will begin at level 98 and end the intro experience at level 100, but this process will allow them to slowly unlock and learn each of their skills rather than just starting with everything. Demon hunters will also unlock a special epic mount, the felsaber, during the invasion of Mardum.

The Mardum heist ends in failure, with Illidan and the player character both imprisoned by an antagonist named Maiev Shadowsong. However, the Legion expansion kicks off with the demon hunters being freed by the modern-day Alliance and Horde. It's at this point that demon hunter players will become part of the proper order of the conflicts going on in Azeroth.

Howver, Mardum will not be out of the picture. Blizzard says demon hunter players will return to Mardum to establish the demon hunter order hall there. Order halls are a new feature of Legion where players will be able to build and pursue quests related to their specific class.

Finally, demon hunters will end their introduction experience by completing a quest to receive their first artifact weapon: a set of warglaives, the double-bladed weapon popularized by Illidan.

World of Warcraft: Legion will launch during summer 2016. Blizzard says that players who pre-order the expansion will gain early access to the demon hunter class, "when it's ready."

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