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Zoe Quinn announces new memoir, movie rights already sold

The movie rights to Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn's upcoming memoir about the online harassment and abuse she faced during the height of Gamergate have just been sold.

Former co-chair of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal confirmed today that she has optioned the rights to the novel, Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself. The adaptation will be one of the first films she produces under her new studio's Pascal Pictures banner.

According to Deadline, although negotiations for the film haven't even started yet, actresses like Scarlett Johansson have hinted that they're interested in portraying Quinn.

Quinn became the source of horrendous abuse — including vicious death and rape threats — after a story written by her ex-boyfriend sparked controversy over the "ethics in video game journalism."

In her original book proposal, Quinn talks about how the gaming community has grown over the course of recent years and opened itself to a more mainstream audience. She adds that while most people give "zero fucks" about the relatively new members of the community, there are some that are, "clinging onto the brand of Cheetos-and-Mountain-Dew exclusionary identity 'hardcore gamer.'"

Her memoir, which will be distributed by Touchstone (a division of Simon & Schuster), is scheduled to be released next September. There's currently no word on when the film is expected to start production.

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