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Press Start with StarCraft, eSports, BlizzCon and Shovel Knight

As expected, BlizzCon poured out a ton of news to highlight this week, including the launch window for World of Warcraft: Legion, a movie-making endeavor and even a surprise console version of the upcoming shooter Overwatch. This was not the only news of the week, however.

GameStop's Black Friday ad leaked out — and really, that is big news considering how both consumers and industry alike look to that day. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 launched on Friday, though it seems to be having troubles on PC. And yes, with less than a week until launch, Fallout 4 still has some goodies to share — including a Pip-Boy mobile app that can be hacked to play minigames.

Iceman came out, J.K. Rowling gave a peek at how the Harry Potter canon handles magic in America, Star Wars got some rad new posters and a dedicated fan was granted a wish to see the film early. Welcome back to Press Start, your reset of the past seven days in video gaming and entertainment news, opinion, video and more, helping you get ready for the week ahead.

Last Week in Five Stories

  1. Smite, sexism and the soul of eSports

    Lydia Picknell coaches Renegades from Hell, a professional team on the South American circuit. She also coaches Australian team Integral Nation. She's assistant manager to Paradigm, one of Europe's most successful teams. In the Smite community she is well known as a highly competent coach and manager. Every coaching position she's held has come with abuse.

  2. StarCraft: The past, present and future

    Back in the ‘90s, Chris Metzen had an idea for a new game. For Blizzard Entertainment, these were formative years. There was talk about doing more real-time strategy. Metzen was working on concepts for something new. It was a sci-fi, fantasy-driven epic. It was "badass," says Metzen. It was ... space vampires.

  3. The new Apple TV: What it gets right and wrong

    Apple tried to revolutionize television in 2007 with its first-generation Apple TV. Two other generations did nothing to make the microconsole a hit with consumers. Now, Apple is confident its fourth-generation Apple TV will be the entertainment-heavy digital media box that leads many to sever ties with traditional cable television.

  4. Watch Shovel Knight's level designer build a stage in Super Mario Maker

    Since we launched Devs Make Mario, Polygon readers have inundated us with the names of countless developers they'd like to see try their hand at Super Mario Maker. If there's one request we've received more than any other, it's Yacht Club Games, developers of Shovel Knight.

  5. I'm leaving Android for iOS, and I blame late games

    The release of The Room 3 finally broke me. Last night I went to my local AT&T store, suffered through the inevitable awful wait, and traded in my Galaxy Note 4 for an iPhone 6S Plus.

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