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Netflix to release Jinx-like true crime series, Making a Murderer

Following the success of HBOs's The Jinx, Netflix has unveiled its first true crime series, Making a Murderer.

The 10-part documentary series focuses on Steven Avery, a resident of Green Bay, who was convicted of raping a woman when he was 22 in 1985. It wasn't until he served 20 years — of a 60 year sentence — that new DNA evidence was made available and proved his innocence. He was exonerated of all charges and it was his case that lead to judicial reform over eye-witness testimonies as of 2005.

Based on 30 years of investigative reports conducted by directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, the series will investigate the holes found within the criminal justice system in the United States and explore the importance of reputation and bias when it comes to criminal trials.

Talking about a surprise twist (that is available to those interested with a quick Google search, but which we won't write down for those who don't want to be spoiled), Netflix VP of Documentary Programming Lisa Nishimura said the entire series can feel fictional at times.

"Ricciardi and Demos have navigated very complex terrain and skillfully woven together an incredible series that leaves you feeling like you're right in the middle of the action," she said in a press release.

The well-known case was previously examined on an episode of the popular Radio Lab podcast, but looking at the situation from the cast of the victim, Penny Beernsten. It was Avery's exoneration that lead to Beensten's decision to work for the benefits of convicts.

Like other Netflx original series, Making a Murderer will release all 10 episodes at once on Dec. 18.

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