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Fallout 4's unofficial names list doesn't give much love to Cheers

In Fallout 4, there are more than 1,000 names the game's robot butler, Codsworth, will speak after you create your character. As the series is set in Boston, I was considering naming mine for someone from Cheers, the iconic sitcom also set in Beantown. But according to this purported list of spoken names in the game, there are not a lot of options.

According to the list, the only full name you could create from the show's main cast of characters is Norm Peterson, the accountant in perpetual marriage trouble portrayed by George Wendt in every one of Cheers' 270 episodes. There's Sam but no Malone, Diane but no Chambers, and then none of Frasier Crane or Lilith SterninCliff or ClavinCarla or TortelliWoody or BoydRebecca or Howe, and neither Ernie nor Coach nor Pantusso.

The list circulated on Twitter today (we saw it from Jon Rosenberg). Since Codsworth spoke director Todd Howard's name when Fallout 4 was revealed at E3 2015, Bethesda Softworks has been consistent in saying there's no official list of spoken names for the game, and has refused to confirm anything.

It appears this list was gleaned from files in the PC edition. It is shot through with specific last names of Bethesda employees — Pagliarulo (Fallout 4's lead designer, Emil), Nourmohammadi (Paris, a senior brand manager) and others. I tried to browbeat Pete Hines (also in the game!), the studio's top spokesman, into confirming the list but he evaded the question.

Boston also is an A-list sports town, so I combed it for names of famous athletes there — or their famous adversaries over the years. Red Sox legend Ted Williams is doable, but as both names are common, not a big surprise. His New York Yankees rival Joe DiMaggio is also there but, with the first name option of Dom you can also create Joe's brother, who played for the Sox from 1940-1953. (Vince, the Shemp of the DiMaggios, is excluded).

I also found "Cal Ripken" — not really a surprise considering Bethesda's proximity to Baltimore.

There are several dozen nickname/joke entries on the list, including "Assface," "Bastard" and "Boobies." We can confirm Codsworth will speak "Fuckface," too — go to the beginning of this video to hear it.

Hold it, wait a minute ... Fuckface? Ripken? HOLY SH—

bill fuckface ripken fallout

That is one of the most famous baseball cards in sports collectible history (seriously). And it was shot at Fenway Park in Boston. So whether you want to call you character Bill, Billy, Ripken or Fuckface, Codsworth will say it.

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