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Programmer creates new XCOM game — in Excel

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A programmer learning Visual Basic for Applications whipped up a unique final project to test out their newfound skills: Creating an XCOM game — in Microsoft Excel.

Redditor crruzi says EXLCOM (pictured above) is set between the events of 2013's XCOM: Enemy Within and XCOM 2, which is coming from Firaxis Games early next year. "Only the tactical game is finished so far," crruzi says, "but I am happy to say that what is there works quite well."

EXLCOM incorporates features of the standard game on PC and consoles, such as specialist classes with different perks, destructible terrain, area-of-effect explosives, and more. Combat takes place in the standard turn-by-turn manner, but from a top-down perspective on a (very) low-resolution map. A "very simple level editor" is also included. Soldiers' skills and ranks are randomized as there is no strategic layer to the game yet.

Though crruzi says the project so far may contain bugs and "will definitely not be a polished experience," XCOM's subreddit is still raving about the work and the dedication that went into even attempting this. If you want to try EXLCOM out for yourself, visit this link.

XCOM 2, whose story deals with the human resistance to an alien occupation of Earth, is due to launch Feb. 5 on Windows PC.

XCOM 2: Welcome to the avenger

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