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Sylvester Stallone bringing Rambo to television with brand new series

Flying high after stellar reviews of his return to boxing franchise Rocky with Creed, Sylvester Stallone is revisiting another famous series.

According to a report from Deadline, the actor has finished final negotiations with Fox to bring the original Rambo film, First Blood, to television as a brand new series. The show will focus on Stallone's titular character John Rambo and his ex-Navy SEAL son, J.R., but it's still unclear as to whether Stallone will star in the series.

Released in 1982, First Blood follows Rambo, a Vietnam veteran, as he takes on various law enforcement in a small town after he's arrested and abused. The franchise inspired three subsequent films, with Stallone starring in each one.

The show will explore the relationship between Rambo and his son, a completely new character created specifically for the show.

The concept for the series has been in development since 2013, but Stallone and other executive producers only recently started shopping the show to networks.

Being helmed by Jeb Stuart (the writer behind Die Hard), there's not a whole lot more information about the project available yet, but the series has at the very least secured proper funding and will move into its pre-production stage.

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