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That canceled Avengers game was going to be a 'first-person ranged brawler'

This weekend, DidYouKnowGaming uncovered footage of an unreleased video game tied into the 2012 movie The Avengers. Here's another look at what that film's video game adaptation was supposed to become, and the Australian studio that was shut down before it could finish its work.

This internal profile of THQ Australia was made two weeks before the studio closed in August 2011 and focuses mainly on the Avengers work. Instead of a third-person brawler one might expect of a superhero tie-in, THQ Oz elected to go with a first-person perspective, which resulted in a game that couldn't really be described by any standard label in the business.

"What it's not is a first-person shooter," the game's design director says in this video. "What we're calling it is a first-person ranged brawler." The Avengers wasn't going to be a direct tie-in with the film, but would follow its own story and continuity. In the video, we see them battling the Skrulls, with footage of the Hulk snapping Super Skrull's neck at 2:20.

The Avengers game was to feature four-player split-screen local co-op, a throwback to revered couch multiplayer games like GoldenEye. Its main cast would include Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk, with their distinct abilities and appeal represented in a first-person perspective. Not an easy feat. There were plans to include Black Widow and Hawkeye as unlockable characters, and a vision of an even larger roster if the game did well.

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