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Return to Final Fantasy 14 for free up to 96 hours in December

Have you dropped your Final Fantasy 14 subscription since the release of its first expansion pack, Heavensward, this past summer? Or maybe you played for a while back when the MMO launched but haven't touched it recently? Whatever the case, if you've had an account at some point but haven't subscribed recently, Square Enix wants you to come check out the game again for no extra cost.

As posted on Final Fantasy 14's official fansite, The Lodestone, Square Enix will allow users with lapsed subscriptions to log in for free and play for up to 96 hours throughout the month of December. This offer is limited to players who have a fully registered and purchased version of Final Fantasy 14, with an inactive account for at least the past 30 days.

The offer begins today and runs through Thursday, Dec. 31, at 6:59 a.m. PT. Your 96 hours with the game will begin from the moment you log in and end four days later, at 11:59 p.m. your local time. You can check the link above for further details.

Square Enix recently released patch 3.1 for Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward. The update includes new story quests, the Void Ark raid and the Saint Mocianne's Arboretum dungeon. It also features the introduction of Lord of Verminion, a new Gold Saucer mini-game that allows you to put your collectible non-combat minions to use in a strategy game.

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