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Get one of the best mobile games for free

The offer runs for the next three weeks

The Room series is one of the best collections of mobile games available and, to celebrate the release of The Room Three, the original will be given away on iOS until December 31.

"At Fireproof we'd always heard a mobile game had to be a casual, free to download, games-as-a-service title you can play for infinity," developer Barry Meade wrote in an editorial for Polygon. "This was a problem, as our game was short, dark and grim, had no social or online aspect and contained no in-app purchases or adverts." It went on to sell 5.5 million copies.

The Room is one of those rare games that seems to grasp the potential of the touchscreen as a way of manipulating in-game objects, and the game is filled with puzzles and objects that take full advantage of the platform. Be sure to play with headphones and set aside a chunk of time, as you'll likely get sucked in.

Android fans will also be offered the same deal.

"Android users need not fear — making the game free for three weeks was tied to the release of The Room Three so as soon as Room Three is out on Android — which will happen within weeks —  they'll get the exact same deal," Meade told Polygon.

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