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League of Legends 2015 World Championship broke a bunch of records

36 million viewers tuned in to the finals alone

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Riot Games hosted the League of Legends 2015 World Championship over the month of October this year, and as expected, the huge event broke tons of League and esports records.

In a post on the official League of Legends esports site, Riot details some of these impressive numbers. Among the accomplishments, the biggest is a peak concurrent viewership of 14 million during the finals match between SK Telecom and Koo Tigers on Oct. 31.

Notably, since the event happened in Berlin, those finals took place at an absurdly early hour of the day for those watching in North America. That didn't stop 36 million total unique viewers from tuning in around the world, a number that Riot calls "a record-breaking high for any esports event." It also represents an increase of nearly 10 million unique viewers from League of Legends' 2014 World Championship.

Riot also notes that the 73 games played throughout the course of the series averaged 4.2 million viewers. 334 million people tuned in at some point during the four weeks of games, up from 288 million in 2014.

Riot says it will announce plans and a location for the 2016 World Championship in the next few weeks. The developer has some major updates planned for League of Legends in the coming year, including the addition of a crafting system and sweeping changes to its UI and champ select system.

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