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PewDiePie becomes playable in Legends of the Brofist, now on Steam

Play as PewDiePie while you watch PewDiePie

Well-paid YouTube gaming celebrity PewDiePie, otherwise known as Felix Kjellberg, is best known for playing games before a massive audience. In PewDiePie: Legends of the Brofist, available today on Steam, fans can actually play as the gamer himself.

The 2D platformer stars PewDiePie and his fellow YouTube elite as they take on a variety of bosses in order to save their fans, all while amassing a currency called "brocoins."

Matching its 16-bit art style is a chiptune score, and Legends of the Brofist features voice acting from the YouTubers themselves, too.

The Windows PC game first launched on iOS and Android in September. Unlike the mobile version, the new Steam release offers a co-op mode.

PewDiePie announced that developer Outerminds would be digitizing him on his YouTube channel in April. The game's on sale for 10 percent off right now — it will cost you $7.19.

PewDiePie is preparing to launch another new venture, this time deviating from his usual gaming terrain: the reality show Scare PewDiePie will air exclusively on subscription-based YouTube Red starting in 2016.

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