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Tekken 7's update features a special guest star from Street Fighter

Spoiler alert: It's Akuma.

Tekken 7's forthcoming arcade update will star Akuma from the Street Fighter series, according to a trailer that just debuted at the finals of The King of Iron Fist 2015 tournament.

Akuma is revealed as the mysterious figure whom Kazumi beseeched in an earlier trailer for the game, whose update is titled Fated Retribution. Akuma answers Kazumi's prayers and unleashes his classic move set on her husband, the series' central character Heihachi Mishima.

This is intriguing because Akuma, so far anyway, isn't on the roster for Street Fighter 5, which launches Feb. 16 on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution does not yet have a launch date but it will come to arcades, where Tekken 7 is currently only available (and only in Japan).

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